Omnichannel retailing has become the gold standard for success in the retail environment – the goal that everyone is supposed to be aiming for but few know how to achieve. It provides a seamless, continuous customer experience across any device or location a customer wishes to shop, with a personalized brand experience. Developing an omnichannel strategy is a process that businesses embark upon, and that process can be made easier through connectivity.

Successful omnichannel strategies drive purchases across various points of sale, including online, in-store, mobile and catalog. Today’s consumer is often influenced by a diverse set of marketing tactics, regardless of their ultimate method of conversion. Multi-location businesses can leverage omnichannel marketing to support incremental revenue gains in the following ways.

Omnichannel vs Multichannel Marketing
Multichannel refers to improving how customers initiate and complete transactions within a given channel, while omni-channel focuses on how customers seamlessly move from one channel to the next. They may start a purchase in one channel, but finish in another, and within retail and eCommerce, having an omnichannel digital marketing strategy is a must.

Putting together an omni-channel digital marketing strategy requires the ability to service different buyer personas within multiple channels, while also being able to gather and enrich the data that comes along with these transactions. In fact, it is no longer about focusing on how customers interact within a single channel. It is about the customers themselves and whether your luxury brand allows for a seamless migration between channels.

The key is to capture all transactional data that might be initiated within the store, on a mobile app, online, on a tablet or through social media. However, it’s not just about capturing the data, and tracking it across different channels until the order is secure, but ultimately about having the insight to use the marketing data properly.

Seamless Online/In-store Customer Experience
The goal here is to ensure that customers are immerse in an easy, intuitive brand experience, no matter their purchasing method. By offering services like “buy online, pick-up in store”, online/instore returns and exchanges, consolidated customer account and order history data, and access to in-store inventory information online, luxury brands can foster lifetime cross-channel customers and brand advocates.

Tactical Local Strategies
Establish a solid, integrated local foundation through complementary paid and earned media tactics, including Google My Business listing optimizations, location page enhancements, location extensions, local inventory ads, district/regional Facebook targeting, and structured citation syndication is very important for authorized retailers.

Custom Attribution Rules & Tracking
By pairing your CRM data with your digital marketing platforms you can better understand the effects of online advertising on in-store revenue gains. By adopting data-based attribution across luxury brands can track the customer journey and create personalized campaigns to target micro-moments with the right message.

Omnichannel Digital Advertising
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