Offline attribution is the ability to connect online marketing efforts and leads to in-store visits. This new type of attribution model uses mobile and location data to capture a more accurate count of the impact of each campaign.

Why is offline attribution important?
Over the last couple of years, media segmentation has significantly increased. The digital space is constantly evolving, and multi-screen interactions are changing consumer behavior.
Luxury brands face the challenge of deciphering the role of each channel in the consumer purchase decision. Managing marketing in silos is no longer effective.
In order to optimize marketing spending, the individual impact or ROI of each channel needs to be understood in relation to the role it played in the consumer buying decision and the complete path to conversion.

Our Online/Offline Attribution service provides a full view of ROI. Our unified approach leverages the benefits of holistic measurement from marketing mix modeling and provides luxury brands guidance on both strategic and tactical decisions. It allows for optimal cross-channel spend allocation and in-depth recommendations within each channel.

How does offline attribution work?
While e-commerce shows promising sales figures, 90 percent of retail purchases are made in-store. Offline attribution allows brands and marketers to tie digital efforts to the in-store foot traffic that makes up the overwhelming majority of purchases.
Offline attribution is often very challenging. However with the help of technology and data science, Second Time Partners is now able to track your customers across all channels, online and offline. With our guidance, luxury brands have been able to fine-tune their targeting and messaging to reach the right person at the right time.

Get custom multi-touch attribution across your funnel to maximize marketing ROI
Automate the entire attribution process by connecting any digital channel, enriching any data, and running any model. With Second Time Partners you can create a custom multi-touch attribution model that goes beyond first- or last-click for real insight. Instantly connect any channel including email, display, social, paid search, SEO, mobile, and video to track the impact of every interaction.

Make better decisions on multi-attribution data
The ability to accurately connect online and offline presents a massive opportunity for luxury brands and marketing teams. Marketers can now understand the correlation between online campaigns and in-store visits, and can capitalize on the opportunity to scale these techniques, which will maximize foot traffic, sales and ROI.

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