The World of Luxury Retail is undergoing dramatic change. There’s been a paradigm shift in the delivery methods of Luxury Goods from
offline retail stores to the digital world; from multi-brand retail stores to sleek brand direct-to-consumer platforms; from a relevant purchase
made by an aging consumer to an irrelevant category not given consideration by the new generation of consumers.

Today is a time when Luxury Brands and Retailers need to objectively ask themselves are they capable of achieving their top-line and bottom-line growth given the plethora of more nimble and disruptive competitors. Do they have the in-house talent and capability to keep up within the ever changing competitive landscape. Business leaders need to objectively evaluate their value propositions and come up with the right strategies to compete all while questioning whether they have to talent and expertise to not just service, but to win!

Second Time Partners is a team of creative, passionate and experienced retail and digital marketing professionals with deep and long standing relationships within the Luxury World. STP’s approach is very proactive. We embrace our clients business environment, analyze their needs and design scalable and measurable interactive strategies. We bring A-Level agency talent with the energy, network, creativity and problem solving attitude of a start-up.

We welcome new challenges. Our approach is highly objective and fact-based, but we take extraordinary care to involve our partners throughout the process to ensure full transparency and alignment