Get an expert usability review of your website, app or software. Discover major obstacles and opportunities through a rigorous, heuristic evaluation.

Second Time Partners helps brands to improve the performance of their digital channels through our efficient UX program. We follow a proven process to improve your website, app and other digital channels. This includes conversion optimization, user testing, UI design and analytics to improve performance.

Through the definition of clear KPIs, measurement plans and the application of a tailored UX program we can support your businesses growing needs.
Managing the user experience across multiple channels and platforms can be a daunting task, however, our UX program is specifically designed to create efficiencies, consistency, and alignment for businesses that are looking to take their digital maturity to the next level.

Delight your customers with the best User Experience
By gaining access to our team of Strategists, UX, and UI designers you will be working with a team that is focusing on aligning your business objectives with your digital initiatives.

A UX audit will help you achieve the following:

– Better conversion rates
– Better lead generation
– Increased user engagement
– More understandable information architecture
– Less support needed
– Happier customers
– Trendier design
– Better perception of the brand

Our Process
A typical UX audit or heuristic evaluation runs through the 5 phases below.

  1. Setting Clear Goals for your main UX Initiatives
    As a user experience agency, it is our responsibility to validate the performance of all UX initiatives and to help you measure their return on investment.
  2. Plan
    We reach quick alignment on your KPIs, project goals, users and tasks.
  3. We Focus on Converting Visitors into Customers
    From shortening your purchase funnel, improving usability or the positioning of digital services, our goal is to create value for your luxury brand.
  4. Everything gets Tested
    It’s all about your customers, and without testing new experiences with real users, you are prone to rely on sheer assumption. We can help you to avoid wasted efforts and validate every step of the process through user testing and other methodologies.
  5. Custom report and prototypes
    We deliver a detailed report and present the top findings and recommendations. We bring user interfaces to life by creating high-fidelity prototypes to save expensive development time and undesired iterations.

What’s Included in your UX Audit

– A full UX analysis and assessment of your homepage & category navigation, on-site search, product details pages, product lists & filtering, checkout process, and mobile web user experience, conducted by a lead usability researcher at Second Time Partners.

– A detailed report with dozen of actionable recommendations will be included.

– Detailed UX scorecards used for direct UX performance comparison against your competitors.

– A 2-hour video conference where we go over the audit results with you and your team, to discuss the audit results and suggestions for improvements.

– Conceptual wireframes

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