Get the knowledge you need to make critical business decisions and valuable improvements to your website and marketing channels with our professional Website Digital Audit.

A website audit will provide you with a host of information that can be used to enhance your website in a number of ways. From user interface components (UI), user experience (UX), information architecture (AI), content quality to calls-to-action and search engine indexation, with everything under expert review, you’ll be able to clearly see the potential reasons why you are missing out on leads, sales, foot-traffic to your retailers and business growth.

Through discovering errors on your website and identifying online marketing opportunities you can significantly increase your brands’ profitability.

Why you need a Website Digital Audit?
Website Digital audits are needed for a number of reasons. If you are concerned that your website isn’t grabbing as much of the market and online opportunity that exists it could be due to the overall performance of your website. Your website could show performance issues due to employing careless website optimization practices or no practices at all. Optimized websites outperform non-optimized websites every day. Digging deep into your website with a technical audit, we can find what is holding your website back from performing to its maximum potential of generating more leads and customers.

Our Process
To start our audit, we will need some basic information from you ranging from your analytics implementation and active digital campaigns. Upon receiving some basic information, it only takes a few business days for our team to assess your business’ digital footprint. Armed with the results of your consultation and a customized digital marketing roadmap, your luxury brand will be able to deliver real value and results.

What’s included
Our website audit service has armed numerous businesses with all they need to know to transform the way their site supports their sales. The following aspects of your digital performance are included in our audits and recommendations:

  1. Current Performance
    Digital Marketing is no longer a brand new concept, you may have had a strategy prior, a full website audit allows us to delve into your previous campaigns to examine the successes and failures.
  2. Main Site Features
    As part of our audit, we’ll review your core functionalities, site content, links and usability. By auditing these aspects we are able to identify pain point areas and streamline your conversion funnels.
  3. Technical SEO Audit
    We make sure that your website is designed for humans but also for bots. Our audits include all technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), from canonicalization to XML Sitemaps and site speed to mobile responsiveness. These then provide unique insights for improving your search visibility and your SEO strategy. We’ll also include a website crawl to identify any broken links, duplicate content, missing title tags, and poor site performance.
  4. Paid Search Audit (PPC, Display, Social Media Marketing, local business listings for your retailers)
    Paid Search is arguably one of the most measurable digital marketing technique, however, it is also easy to miscalculate. Whether you manage PPC in-house or use an agency, it is important to review how well the account is performing and more notably pinpoint the areas that can provide potential growth.
  5. Quantitative & Qualitative analysis of your digital portfolio
    This part of the audit involves taking an expert look at your digital landscape. Although a lot of the information here is qualitative, it should be grounded in best practices.
    The quantitative & qualitative analysis our digital audits include the following:
    – Website design and user experience
    – Conversion funnels
    – Calls to action on your website
    – Brand messaging across channels
    – Social media content
    – Email design and messaging effectiveness
    – Lead generation mechanisms, usability & accessibility
    – …etc
  6. Ecommerce purchase funnel data
    If your website includes an eCommerce solution or if you rely on a third-party platform for your transactions we will review the user flow, product category architecture, as well as the checkout process.
  7. Accessibility
    Our audits also cover a full review of best-practices for usability. This way you ensure that you are reaching the broadest possible audience. As a side benefit, accessibility compliance can help you grow traffic to your site. Accessibility markup also makes your site more search-engine friendly and voice-search friendly.
  8. Competitive audit
    We’ll review three of your main competitors with the same criteria listed here.
  9. Key performance indicators (KPIs)
    Along with a forward-looking strategy, your audit can include a number of key performance indicators you should be following closely to measure the success of your digital strategy. It will also include realistic target goals for each of these KPIs.
  10. Governance
    We will review your internal processes for digital marketing and make observations for how to improve those processes. Those recommendations might include organizational structure, skills that existing team members need to be trained on, additional job roles to hire to grow your team, project management processes that can make your marketing team for flexible, quality assurance processes to ensure your brand doesn’t make missteps online, etc.
  11. Internal use of digital
    Some companies not only want recommendations for improving their external use of digital (public-facing websites, inbound marketing, etc.), but they also want recommendations for how employees and retailers use digital. We can also review your intranets, training platforms and Mooc, communication tools, and team softwares and provide feedback on areas to improve efficiency or communication.

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